How to improve the usability of your Website

Website usability is the key feature to make a website more effective.

While the development and website designing process, the professional mainly focuses on usability and great user experience of the website because these elements can’t be overlooked for the better and successful functioning of the website. Here are some tips that help to increase the usability of the website for maximum growth and result-oriented outputs.

Responsive Website Design

The essential thing is to make your website design and layout responsive and mobile-friendly because now most of the users use smartphones and tablets for browsing, so responsive website design, now a days is a must thing to increase the usability of the website. Now even Google gives priority to those sites having responsive website design. So, in terms of have not a responsive design and layout, you can’t achieve proper ranking in search engines. To make a website mobile-friendly, try to keep it simple.

Loading Time
To increase the usability of the website, try to reduce page loading time. If you have slow loading time, it will make your user frustrated, and he or she will leave your page no matter how good your website is. You can improve loading time by optimizing the images. According to some surveys, most of the users leave the page according to poor loading time. By reducing the size of images as well as through proper scaling, the images will load faster and ultimately reduce overall page loading time.


Consistency in web design and layout is another important factor that can’t be ignored. The design, color, layout, and font of every page should be consistent. It will generate a sense of familiarity in users regarding your website, and they will feel more comfortable.

Easy to navigate

Comfortable and familiar navigation layout is essential to increase the usability of the website; otherwise, users will get confused and will not feel comfortable on your website. There are no hard and fast rules regarding navigation, but in this, I must say experimenting with new one rarely become successful so sticking to the already tested and easy navigational layout always better usability.

Heading and Sub Headings

Instead of giving your users a heavy body text, just break your content into heading and subheading for more engagement. It will also improve the overall look of the page as well as increase the engagement level of users. Content is the king of your website and Heading, and subheading also helps to improve the ranking through the SEO process.

Highlight Important Features

Give your users a quick way to go through the content to gather useful information quickly by highlighting the key feature regarding your services and products. It will make it easy for users to grasp the relevant information effectively.

Images improve the usability of the website and also attract the users, but so many images as well as poorly optimized and large size images lead to poor functioning and usability of the website.


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