Website Designing Trends of 2017-2018

Website Designing Trends
Digital art era was started in the year 2017 and came up with the prominent changes in website designing industry in Dubai. Ideas are evaporating quickly after the invention. Some of the ideas got outdated with the arrival of 2018 but some of them fit best in the year 2018. It just takes a blink of the eye to make some of the best new designs. We will discuss some of the website designing trends today which will help you out to increase the knowledge that what is in and what is out.

90s Designs are returned
Colors and patterns used in the year 2017 were all old as of the 80s or 90s. American pops were the influence of the most of the website designers. This was one of the hated concepts and was vanished but get back in 2018. All the companies are using this pop design and the user are loving the idea of these design. People love the pop art this is the reason this is one of the creative ways of explaining the art.

Glitch Effect
Flash effects are the major interest of the year in website designing. Fans of horror movies got entertained with this way of website design. In 2018 this glitch effect will continue as this is one of the topmost trends of 2017. Graphic designers are also interested in this way of marketing and they are keen in making some enhanced way of these glitches to add more quality in it.
The exposure that is double
Double exposure is one of the famous trends of website designing which was famous for a long time and still the part of website designing. In double exposure artist always want to give a powerful message such as the design Andreas Lie which is giving the message of the habitat and wolf. On the other hand, some designers want to do distinctive work on the website using the double exposure. This is one of the Duotone styles which actually said the goodbye to classic duotone.
Undesirable Space
One of the popular designing technique which is the trend of 2018 also. This is one of the simple methods that is the space around the object. If you see the NBC logo you will get the idea that what we are trying to say here. Undesirable space always tries to tell the boundaries of the design. On the other hand, it always tells the balanced composition of the logo and website design.
In 2017 use of illustration in every design regardless of website or logo design got the fame. Every designer made some illustrations to give the measurements or in the logo to add some interesting things in the design. The illustration was one of the famous trends of 2017 and this will continue in the year 2018. This is one of the best ways to attract the audience with the design because latest trends are about something new and creative.
Use of color
Color always matters a lot when we are making a design on the website. In the year 2017 bright colors were the famous trend which is also the part of the year 2018. People got more attraction in the bright colors that are the reason designers are now focusing a lot on the color part of the website too.


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