How to increase user’s engagement?

First of all, it's necessary to define what is user engagement.

The website’s user engagement also helps in search engine optimization as more significant will be the user engagement; the higher will be the ranking of the website on search engines. Any involvement on your website by the users is taken as engagement. It could be reading content, scrolling down, commenting or any social share of any post. Now there are different tools available to measure the user’s engagement. The fact and figures tell you how to improve the overall experience of the website. Through the tracking of user engagement, you can measure the views of the website, average time on page by the visitors as well as bounce rate and page depth that will tell you at which page most of your readers stopped reading. Through this data, you can quickly sort it out that how to improve user experience as well as user engagement of your website.

Ways and strategies to maximize User Engagement
Well-designed Website
Website is the first impression of your business online. As we all know, that first impression is always the last. If your website will be well designed and well organized then the user will spend time on your website and will visit again due to the first good impression. Keep in mind that website designing plays a significant role to increase user engagement.

User Experience
As mentioned above, user experience and engagement are interrelated. If the user has a good experience on your website his involvement will increase as he or she will spend more time on your website so to improve your user experience;
•    Your website should not take too long to load
•    Website loading speed should be quick
•    Website working should be smooth without any errors
•    The website should be easy to navigate

Effective Content
Content is an essential part of any website. While creating your content, keep in mind your target visitors to make it informative and interesting. The content should be optimized for search engines. Try to generate the content precisely what your visitors are looking for.

Link structure
There should be a good internal linking structure. Always keep updated your website and check that all of your links are properly working. Now due to advancement in technology, there are some tools that help to detect broken links, so try to fix them; otherwise, it will lead to minimizing user engagement.

Make your website Mobile friendly
This is a vital thing to make your site mobile friendly. Make sure that your website pages can easily fit according to your mobile screen to make it easy to navigate and use.

Users engagement is significant for any website success and growth. Always track the data of user’s involvement to improve your website. Providing the section. You can also encourage engagement by giving any part of feedback where users can leave their comments. This will also help you to understand what your user wants and ultimately a way to improve those factors.


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